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Fiat 124 Spider bumper conversion

The bumper conversion is simple and does not require any special tools or skills, the work should not take more than 2-3 hours. There is absolutely no cutting, drilling, or painting of any part required, the whole process is fully reversible.




The two rear fastening screws are located in the trunk.
Before starting the installation, it is recommended to run the fuel tank almost empty to make it light. It is necessary to unscrew it and lift it up slightly in order to be able to remove the rear bumper left fixing screw . The tank does not have to be completely separated and dismantled, just remove the 4 fastening screws and lift the tank a bit from behind, it is much easier if it is light. Remove both screws, pull out the old bumper, insert the new one, screw in the screws again, fasten the tank again.




The front bumper main screws are accessible through wheel arches, turn the wheels for easy access. There are two additional screws holding the metal clamp that press the rubber ring over the damper tube, accessible through the rectangular openings where the lights will be placed. These two screws just need to be loosened, they don't have to be removed, pull out the old bumper, insert the new one, screw the screws back in. The new front bumper has two pairs of mounting holes to choose from, for a smoother look or more protection. Don't forget to grease the screws when you reset them.




With the lights the original cables have to be connected, depending on the existing plug version, it may be necessary to cut the cables to the existing lamps and to install the new supplied plugs, and to connect the new lamps. The lights are attached to the back of the front panel with 18 mm super strong neodymium magnets, so that no work is necessary there. The new, 3 mm thick ABS plastic base can be painted by the buyer in the car color or any other.



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